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Weather In Chandigarh

Chandigarh climate exhibits a great variation in temperature. The humid subtropical weather of Chandigarh is characterized by very hot summers, moderate winters, delusive rainfalls and sporadic snow falls. The average temperature of Chandigarh ranges between -1c and 41c. Summer in Chandigarh starts in mid May and lasts till mid June. The temperature fluctuates between 35c and 40c, which sometimes even rises to 45c.

Though Monsoon extends from mid-June to mid-September, rainfalls in Chandigarh are extremely unreliable and unpredictable. At times it rains very heavily during August and September and sometimes there can be just a moderate drizzle. Usually south-east or south-west winds bring rains to Chandigarh; though the majority of showers are driven here by North-East or North-West winds. Average annual rainfall of Chandigarh is reported to be 1110.7 mm.

Winter arrives in November and departs in mid March. The weather mostly remains gentle and pleasant but occasionally it can get quite chilly. Average temperature of a day in winter ranges between 7 c and 15 c and that of a night between 5c and 8c. Every now and then rain showers are also accounted at Chandigarh that come from west wind in winter and completely drench the city.

Spring comes in mid February and lasts till mid March. Again it befalls Chandigarh in mid September and departs in mid October. During this period the weather remains considerably pleasant when the temperature varies from 16 c to 25 c maximum and from 9 c to 18 c minimum.

Autumn extends from Mid-March to April. The maximum temperature during autumn rises to 36c and it can come down up to the lowest of 11c. September to March is the best season to visit Chandigarh.