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Weather In Varanasi

The climate of Varanasi can be defined as the humid subtropical climate under the Köppen climate classification. It is characterized with extremely hot and long summers, intervening monsoon and cool winters. Summer sets in during the month of April which continues till late October. The scorching rays of the aggravated sun showers its rage on the earth and renders the climate very hot and humid. Temperature varies from 32°c to 46°c during summer when it is not recommended to visit Varanasi for tourism purposes. Although, pilgrims do survive the exasperating heat of summer with the power of their devotion. These longs summers are intermediated by occasional rain showers in the months of June and July. Winter in Varanasi extends from November to March when the days are bearable but the nights are quite cold and chilly. Winter mornings are mostly foggy and the temperature during winter ranges between 5°c and 15°c. Freezing gales from Himalayan Regions render the winter in Varanasi even more algid. The best season to visit Varanasi is from October to March.