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Weather In Puttaparthi

Puttaparthi experiences tropical climate which remains hot and dry all round the year. The yearly seasonal cycle can be divided into three seasons; summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer: in Puttaparthi extends from March to June when the climate turns extremely hot and sweltering. The maximum temperature is reported to be 45c while the minimum temperature is recorded to be 34c. April and May are the hottest months of the year when the broiling and scorching winds of summer suck all the life and energy from every aspect of nature. Due to its proximity with the sea, the weather of Puttaparthi turns quite humid and oppressive during summer. Summer is not recommended as the best tourist season as the extreme heat of Puttaparthi is unbearable for the outsiders, particularly those from the colder regions of the globe.

Monsoon: sets in during the month of July and lasts till October. The northeast monsoons generate about one-third of the total rainfall while the rest of the shower is caused by the southwest monsoons. Puttaparthi receives an average rain fall of 90 cm which is characterized with intermittent downpours. Pre monsoon showers that sometimes visit this plateau in June subdue the torridness to a certain extent. Post monsoon season fetches rejuvenating drizzles accompanied with cool and pleasing breezes and renders the climate considerably tolerable and amicable. A significant drop in the temperature from 35c to 29c is recorded during this season.

Winter: extends from November to February when the temperature fluctuates between 17c and 27c. Winter is the most pleasant season of the year and most suitable for tourism purposes and sight seeing. Being the most affable and cordial period of time winter beckons hordes of tourists and devotees to this holy land of Sathya Sai Baba. November to February is the peak pilgrim season at Puttaparthi.

July to September is temperate and good for short trips while October to March is the most pleasant and ideal time for outings. It is highly advisable to avoid hot summer months for paying a visit to Puttaparthi.