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Kullu Tourist Tips

Telophone Code : India (01902), International (+91)
Pin Code: 175101
Best Time to Visit : October to April
Foreign Exchange Offices:

Shopping Tips

Getting around

The best mode of getting around the city is by walking.

Best clothing and accessories required

Light woolens for the summer season and heavy woolens for the winter months. However, drink water bottle, handkerchief and an umbrella are the must-haves in your backpack for Kullu


Kullu is a veritable paradise for the shoppers. It offers ample varieties in quantity and quality of products. Some of the authentic Kullu items are:-
Shawls :Shawls are of exquisite quality in Kullu. Made of pure wool, they are soft and warm. However, you are advised to buy from reputed shops to get a quality product and a reasonable bargain.
Fruits : Apple Orchards abound in Kullu. Thus fruits are considerably of cheaper prize and superior taste
Handicrafts : The Kullu markets also abound in handloom products and handicraft items that you can carry as attractive souvenirs