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Weather In Kodaikanal

The general climate of Kodaikanal can be classified as monsoon-influenced subtropical highland climate under the Köppen Climate Classification. Due to its elevated geographical location, the weather of Kodaikanal remains considerably cold throughout the year. This hill resort experiences moderately cool and pleasant summers and significantly nippy and freezing winters. Even though it is said that Kodaikanal can be visited all round the year, tourists normally pay a visit to this ‘Princess of Hill Stations’ during the four months of summer. It is recommended to wear light woolen clothes in summer and heavy woolen clothes in winter.

Summerin Kodaikanal extends from March to May or early June when average temperature ranges from 11°c to 20°c. The weather is remarkably pleasurable and salubrious during this period and nature teeming with boundless beauty is also at its best. Summer is the most ideal season for visiting Kodaikanal when the Summer Festival organized here adds to its appeal.

Monsoon in Kodaikanal extends from June to September when this hill resort receives modest rains. Monsoon is not regarded as the ideal season for sightseeing so tourists are advised to avoid visiting Kodaikanal during this time of the year.

Winter sets in during the month of early November and continues till late February or early March. This is the coolest season of the year when temperature hovers between 8°c and 17°c. In the month of January the city even experiences slight snowfall and the temperature considerably drops down at night. This is the best time to visit Kodaikanal if you want to enjoy the glory of snow clad plateau. Tourists are recommended to carry really heavy woolen clothes during this season so as to protect themselves from the piercing cold of winter.