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Ravangla is an unexplored little town in the Southern part of the state of Sikkim. Snuggled at the foothills of Mount Narsing, this sleepy little town also forms a neighbor of the mighty peaks of Mount Tendong and Mount Menam. A tiny and a comparatively unexplored hamlet, Ravangla is the very face of offbeat tourism in the northern part of India
Ravangla is one of the veritable places in Sikkim that provide a breath taking view of the world’s third largest peak, Kanchenjunga. The other snow clad peaks that reveal themselves from this seat of pristine natural beauty are Mt. Pandim, Mt.Kabru and Mt. Sinialchu
The rocky topography of the region along with the verdant hills lends an enchanting effect to Ravangla. This tiny town experiences amusing snowfall in the winter months and observes a montage of colors during the spring season. Innumerable nameless orchids beautify this hill resort, making it even more attractive to the enthusiasts of nature and beauty
Ravangla is also an ideal place for trekking and hiking. There are various trekking spots located in the nearby mountains and this can prove to be one of the most trekking experiences of one’s life.
Ravangla also abounds in its collection of Monasteries. The Ralong Monastery and the Bonn Monasteries are the most popular ones amongst the natives as well as travelers. The Kewzing market is a historical place here and is perfect for picking up a souvenir or two. A few caves also happen to be close to Ravangla and prove to be one of the premier places of interest for the visitors
An important destination in Ravangla is the place named Rayong. Placed about 8 km away from the main town, Rayong is famous for the outstanding view of the Kanchenjunga Mountain
The forest clad hills are spots of amazing eco-diversity. They are home to many rare birds and animals especially found in the jungles of Oak, magnolia and rhododendron. Birds like Verditer Flycatchers, Blue-fronted Redstarts, Grey Bushchats, Dark throated Thrush, Blue whistling Thrush, Green backed Tit and white-browed Fantails can be easily spotted. The forests around Ravangla have other avifaunal species like Laughing Thrushed, Babblers, Cuckoos and Hill Patridge.
Ravangla has gained importance as a transit place for tourists on their way to Yuksam, Pemayangtse and trekkers or hikers aspiring to scale Menam peak.