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Delhi, a new name given to the ever endearing 'Dilli' of its natives, has always been the seat of power and might in the Indian subcontinent. This city has been demolished and razed to the ground many a time in the past and the present city of New Delhi is the result of seven such demolitions and resurrections. Yet it still personifies resilience, spirit and valor. Delhi has been the silent witness to gory bloodbaths, ambitions, heartbreaks, intrigues, victories and the rise and fall of many an empire, each leaving behind a monumental gift for it.
Located on the banks of the majestic and pristine River Yamuna, New Delhi is a gift from Edwin Lutyens and Herbert Baker and is a celebration of geometrical symmetry in city planning. Adorned with some of the ageless and priceless antiquities like Qila Rai Pithora, the Qutb Minar, the Red Fort and the Jama Masjid, New Delhi represents a cross section of the rich cultural and historical heritage of India.
The population of Delhi comprises of people of all races, casts and creeds. Being the fitting capital of a unique country whose motto is ‘unity in diversity’, Delhi proudly boasts of a culture that symbolizes the very essence of India. The Delhiites adorn themselves for festivities of all cultures and religions resulting in a celebration that goes on throughout the year.
Delhi is also houses the outlets for the major industrial icons of the country. It is therefore symbolic of the cream of Indian power, politics, religion and culture. A detailed exploration of the city of Delhi is sufficient for unfurling the deep secrets of the country India.