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Popularly referred to as the ‘the City of Nawabs’ and ‘the Golden City of the East’ Lucknow, the administrative command center of the Lucknow District & Division also serves as the capital of the Indian state of Uttar Pradesh. Bequeathed with the laurels ‘the Constantinople of India’ and ‘the Shiraz-i-Hind’, this metropolitan of Awadh (Oudh) region is honored to be one of the largest cities of northern, central and eastern India, second only to the National Capital Delhi. Lucknow, hailed as a multicultural city at all times flourished as the cultural and artistic capital of Northern India in 18th and 19th centuries AD. This salmagundi of imperial medieval monuments, theatrical gardens, majestic Nawabi lifestyle, cultivated mannerism (Tehzeeb & Adab), elaborate culinary tradition, intricate Chikankari, various forms of performing arts including Kathak, Urdu Literature and Poetry and the royal ambience of the civic today delineates an exceptional synthesis of tradition and modernism.
Nestled on the northwestern banks of the river Gomti, the city Lucknow derives its appellation from the name of ‘Lakshman’ the younger brother of Lord Ram, also known as ‘Lakhan’. As the legend goes, the present day ‘Lakshman Tila’ of Lucknow is the site of the ancient ‘Lakhanpur’ city that was established by Lakshman by the orders of Lord Ram. Priding on its grandiloquent Nawabi heritage and astonishing mythological background, the contemporary Lucknow city, the managerial seat of the government of Uttar Pradesh and the site of the UP state parliament, High Court and other governmental offices, also prospers as a vital axis of trade & commerce, finance pharmaceuticals, technology, aerospace, design, tourism, and so on. Not only that, Lucknow is also the home to a number of social and cultural institutions of national importance. Dotted with the residues of its rich cultural legacy, Lucknow is rightly credited as the essence of art, culture, dance, music, literature, cuisine and the idiosyncrasies of Northern India.
Lucknow; the cradle of the Hindu, Muslim and Sikh unison has earned international recognition for its sweet tongued, soft-spoken Awadh-Lucknowai culture that was founded on the basis of the polite and elegant behavior towards fellow human beings. Moreover, Lucknow; also certified as the epitome of Shia Culture in India is the preeminent seat of Shi’ism in the country. Famous for its mouth watering Awadhi and Mughlai cuisine and its delectable sweetmeat, Lucknow offers a true delight for the taste buds of its visitors. Lucknow the Land of Nawabs; synonymous with lavish extravaganza which still retains its old world charm and its baronial aristocratic ambience is undeniably an invaluable jewel studded in the glorious tiara of India’s ostentatiously dignified culture and its eminent historical heritage.

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Gomti Nagar, LUCKNOW