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The city of Gurgaon is the testimony of the great Industrial boom that India has been a witness to after the Independence. Today it stands as a primal commercial and Information Technology hub of the state. It is the sixth largest state of Haryana and is the most important and well developed satellite town of Delhi. Gurgaon is located to the west of Delhi, hardly 20 km away from the heart of the city.
Not only is Gurgaon one of the veritable commercial locations in the National Capital Region, but it is also a city that boasts of a direct epical connection. It was known as Gurugram or Gurugaon – the village of the Guru, for the city was given to Guru Dronacharya by the Pandavas of the Mahabharata. Over the time Gurugaon changed to Gurgaon.
Today Gurgaon is not only the place of work for thousands of software engineers but has also earned a reputation of being the ‘City of Malls’. This is because it is home to the Ambience Mall. Placed on NH8, this is the biggest shopping Mall in the country.
Though the increasing congestion of Delhi has mainly facilitated the prosperity of Gurgaon, Gurgaon has acquired a unique identity of its own and is increasingly becoming popular both in the tourism as well as commercial sectors.

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