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Weather In Havelock

The Havelock Island experiences Tropical Monsoon Climate and no severe climatic variations or sudden fluctuations are reported in this part of the Andaman & Nicobar Archipelago. Havelock Island receives medium to heavy rains all through the year except for the period between January and March when it sporadically faces tropical storms. The most ideal season for paying a visit to the Havelock Island is from mid January to mid May.

Summer at Havelock Island extends from March to May when even though the days are quite hot and sizzling, the cool refreshing sea breeze generally reduces the escalating heat. The average summer temperature of Havelock Island hovers in the ranges of 20c (minimum) and 36c (maximum) and the climatic humidity soars up to 80% during this season. Summer is the most suitable period for reveling in various water sports and beach activities available in and around the Havelock Island. Intermittent summer rains are also experienced here in late April or mid May.

Monsoon in Havelock Island lasts from mid May to August while the Post Monsoonal rains also drench this atoll from September to November. Havelock Island collects medium to heavy downpours during monsoon and at times the rain showers are also accompanied with heavy thunders & strong winds. Tourists generally avoid visiting Havelock Island in monsoon as the heavy precipitations can disrupt all the outing and sight seeing plans. Not only that, even the water sports are not arranged during monsoon as this involves a great risk. June is the wettest month of the year.

Winter sets in during the month of December and lasts till February when the Havelock Island receives a heavy influx of tourists from all over the globe. Winter; the most agreeable and delightful season of the year offers the most fitting climate for beach activities and sightseeing excursions in and around Havelock Island. The average temperature ranges between 15c (minimum) and 34c (maximum) when the mildly cold climate, agreeable ambience and clear blue skies absolutely beguile the visitors. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Boating and other water sports are best enjoyed in winter.