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Weather In Bikaner

Bikaner experiences extreme type of climate characterized with very hot summers, very cold winters and scanty rainfalls due to its proximity with the Thar Desert of Rajasthan. During the summer months the mercury can cross the level of 50c while during the winter season the temperature of Bikaner can drop down below freezing level. The city mainly enjoys three seasons; summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer in Bikaner which extends from March to June is marked with exceedingly hot days and equally broiling nights. The temperature generally ranges between 42c and 28c and the scorching and sweltering desert winds literally put the city to flames. Tourists are highly recommended to avoid visiting Bikaner or any Desert city during the four months of summer.

Monsoon sets in during the month of July and lasts till November. Bikaner receives moderate rain showers and the atmosphere turns more humid than cool. The average annual rainfall of Bikaner is recorded to be 260 to 440 mm. Monsoon is also not the best season for sight seeing in Bikaner.

Winter the most awaited season of the year extends from December to February when it relieves the city from excessive heat of summer and humidity of monsoon. Even though, sometimes when temperature drops down to below freezing level, the climate turns extremely cold and frigid. The average minimum temperature of a winter day in Bikaner is reported to be about 4c while the maximum temperature goes as high as 23c. Sometimes the chilly desert winds turn the nights incomparably cold. Yet, winter is deemed the best season for tourism activities in Bikaner.

October to March is the most ideal period for sight seeing in Bikaner. Tourists are advised to carry heavy woolen clothes if visiting Bikaner in winter.