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Weather In Chennai

March to May: This is the time of the year in which Chennai experiences scorching summers. Temperature rises as high as 40 degree Celsius. Tourists are generally advised to avoid this season for hopping in Chennai.

June to August: This period marks coming of the monsoon in Chennai. Moderate to light rainfall along with heavy wind bring down the temperature of the city but is not a very conducive season for tourism.

September to November: This is the after monsoon season in Chennai. Yet the weather conditions are identical to the monsoon season

December to February: These are the coolest months in Chennai when the temperature falls below 20 degree Celsius. Cyclones that originate in the Bay of Bengal often hit Chennai bringing about heavy rainfall.
The best season to explore the city of Chennai is from December to March. The weather mostly remains clear and cool in this time of the year making sight seeing and shopping easy and enjoyable for the tourists.