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Yercaud Sightseeing

Yercaud LakeLocated in heart of the city
Anna Park Located near the lake
Lady's Seat, Gents Seat and Children’s Seat Located on Yercaud hills
Arthur SeatLocated 1 km from the center of the town
The Servaroyan Temple Located on the top of the Servarayan hill
Silk Farm and Rose GardenLocated 2 km from Yercaud town
Pagoda PointLocated approximately 5 kilometers from the main market of Yercaud
Killiyur FallsSituated just 3 kilometers from the Yercaud Lake
Bear’s CaveSituated near the Norton Bungalow
The GrangeLocated in yercaud

Yercaud Lake

Location: In heart of the city
As you enter the premises of Yercaud town, the very first thing that grabs your attention is the big lake of Yercaud. Popularly known by the name of ‘Yercaud Lake’, this water tank is perched at the elevation of 4970 feet at the top of the Shevaroys Hills. Yercaud Lake, the one and only natural lake amongst all the lakes situated at the hill stations in South India is really a marvel of nature.
The glamour of the beautiful Yercaud Lake is augmented by a floating fountain placed at the nave of the pool. This floating fountain illuminated with florid lights was constructed by MALCO. The glimmering water of the lake, the clouds drifting very low and the graceful trees of some rare species embroidering the border of the tarn together compose a magnanimous contour. Several tourists’ destinations like Anna Park, Deer Park and Leisure Park are situated nearby enclosing the Yercaud Lake.
A boat ride in the big lake of Yercaud turns out to be an extremely exalting and revitalizing experience. You can either select the peddle boat or the rowing boat. The boats are two seater or four seater. The refreshing boat ride is at your service at very nominal charges. There is no boatman to drive your boat and you are free to slide your canoe in any direction for around half an hour. Wearing the life jacket is compulsory and lifeguards are close to hand all the time for your safety.
The Yercaud Lake emerges even more radiant and effulgent at the time of summer festival which is organized in the circular orbit around the lake.

Anna Park

Location: Near the lake
Adjoining the big lake of Yercaud is situated the famous Anna Park, acclaimed for the flower show that it hosts during summer. Save for the regular species of flowers and plats, the park is noteworthy for housing some rare floral verities only found in the timberlands of Shevaroys Hills. The Japanese garden cultivated inside the Anna Park makes the chief attraction of this esplanade. In this division of the garden, the plants are tended in Japanese style.
The horticulture department of Tamil Nadu government is in charge of maintaining Anna Park. The park attracts both children as well as adults. The slides and the swings placed in the garden entertain the kids a great deal. Teenyboppers enjoy playing here for hours. For the people who are delighted by the beauty interred in the nature, and for those who have skills in photography, Anna Park is a heaven. They charge just 2 Rs as an entry fee and for admitting a camera, just Rs 10.

Lady's Seat, Gents Seat and Children’s Seat

Location: On Yercaud Hills
Lady’s Seat, a naturally formed rock compilation, situated about 2 kilometers south west from the town of Yercaud offers a spectacular view of the entire valley down and the complete terrain around. As the tale goes, a certain white lady at the time of British Raj in India used to arrive at this spot every evening and spend hours and hours sitting on the rocky seat appreciating the breathtaking vista of the Eastern Ghats, the meandering roads, dazzling landscape and the whole of Salem city as visible from the top. Salem city looks even more beautiful after dusk when thousands of flickering lights add to its mesmerizing effect.
A straight drop of 200 feet can be seen from the Lady’s Seat. At this place a viewing tower has been constructed which houses 2 powerful telescopes. They offer you an unbelievable clarion aspect of the entire terrain at the bottom, just at the charges of 10 Rs. Even the famous Mettur Dam and Dalmia Magnesite deposits of Salem are viewed from these telescopes. This viewing tower is open all the time except for nights.
A few minutes walk uphill from the Lady’s Seat will lead you to another important viewing zone, ‘Gents Seat’. The winding, curving roads, the vehicles making way through the green hills and also the Salem city can be perceived very clearly from here. The seat situated next to the Gents Seat is called the Children’s Seat. Apart from being a viewing point, this seat also accommodates a mini park which makes it a favorite picnic spot.

Arthur Seat

Location: 1 Km from the center of the town
1 km hike on a steep road from the Yercaud town will reach you to another remarkable viewing spot known as, Arthur Seat. From this seat, one can apprehend a striking perspective of the enthralling Big Lake, the entire Yercaud town and also the Servaroyan Peak, the apex of Shevaroys Hills.

The Servaroyan Temple

Location: on the top of the Servarayan hill
Shevaroys Hills receives its name after the mighty God Lord Servaroyan seated in the sanctorium of Servaroyan temple. Servaroyan peak is the pinnacle that crowns the Shevaroys Hills and the Servaroyan temple is situated at the elevation of 5326 feet above the sea level. The sanctum of the temple is actually a narrow and dark cave wherein the two deities, God Servaroyan and the Goddess Kaveri are seated.
Tribal natives of Shevaroys Hills worship Lord Servaroyan as their guardian and patron God and believe that he protects and provides for 67 villages nestled around the Shevaroys Hills. The two deities to whom this temple is dedicated, God Servaroyan and Goddess Kaveri represent the Shevaroys Hills and the Cauvery River respectively. The natives also believe that the cave that comprises the altar of the temple is so deep that it directly touches the Cauvery River.
Servaroyan temple is believed to be a very sacred place by the natives here and they hold it in a very high esteem. The annual festival of God Servaroyan is celebrated in the month of May every year. Thousands of tribal people from the villages around come here to pay homage to their deities and take part in the festival.
From the top of the Shevaroys hills, the magnanimous vista of the valley below, the mountains, Yercaud town and Salem city can be perceived. At the times of the festival when a fun fair is organized at the temple, a ride in a giant wheel turns out to be a majestic experience.
Servaroyan temple is situated approximately 7 km uphill the Yercaud town. The road that leads to the temple travels through the spice gardens. The aroma of the spices will captivate all your senses unquestionably.

Silk Farm and Rose Garden

Location: 2 km from Yercaud town
Located just 2 kilometers from the big lake of Yercaud on the way to Lady’s seat, Silk Farm and Rose Garden is one of the chief tourist’s attractions of the town and a must visit place before you call it a trip.
In the silk farm, the visitors can witness the process of breeding and nurturing of silkworms. Mulberries are cultivated here and silkworms are fed on their leaves. The procedure and technique of silk spinning can also be surveyed here. As monsoon is the breeding season of silkworms, it is the best time to visit this farm.
Situated at the same location, rose garden is the most captivating place of Yercaud one cannot miss visiting. Rose flowers of different shapes, sizes and colors in full bloom devise an extremely hypnotizing spectacle. They have rightly put up the ‘do no pluck flowers’ sign there. A wide range of variety of roses and other beautiful flowers are the special features of this garden and you will never want to go back home from there.
The garden houses a nursery from where you can buy a plant and take home a memento of the loveliness of Yercaud.

Pagoda Point

Location: 5 kilometers from the main market of Yercaud
Pagoda Point, also widely known as Pyramid Point is nestled in the Eastern Hills of Yercaud. As suggested by the name itself, a pagoda shaped structure is found here. The tale goes that long ago the native tribes of Yercaud had made random four piles of stones at this place to mark some event of great importance. Accidentally and unintentionally these piles of stones formed a pagoda or pyramid kind of arrangement. The tribes dwelling in Shevaroys Hills hold this architecture in high esteem and regard it as a very prominent historical monument. Presently a temple of Lord Rama is located inside this pagoda.
Pagoda Point, one of the favorite picnic spots, is positioned approximately 5 kilometers from the main market of Yercaud. From here we can perceive a spectacular vista of surrounding valleys and a breathtaking view of downtown Salem. Other small villages like Kakambadi, Ayothiapattinam and Attur are also noticeable from here. The best time to visit the Pagoda Point is either early hours of morning or late evening.

Killiyur Falls

Location: 3 kilometers from the Yercaud Lake
Killiyur Waterfalls, the entity that renders the Shevaroys Hills even more appealing, is situated just 3 kilometers from the Yercaud Lake. The unpaved road that leads to Killiyur falls is quite narrow, rough and at times, steep. But the enticing woods abundant with coffee plantations and spice gardens attract trekkers and hikers. Though the excursion to the falls is risky, witnessing the mighty waterfalls noteworthy for its 300 feet drop makes the excursion worth the efforts.
Killiyur Falls are connected to the Yercaud Lake through a stream and the access water of the lake finds its way to the Killiyur Valleys via Killiyur Waterfalls. The path that reaches to the bottom of the Killiyur falls is even more difficult. The woods are thick and dense and the trekking requires a strong will and a lot of stamina. A good road down to the bottom of the waterfalls is under construction and the work will hopefully get over soon.
Both the base and the acme of the Killiyur Waterfalls offer a perfectly sensational and stunning spectacle. The best season to visit the Killiyur Waterfalls is after monsoon when the waterfalls are brimming with abundant water.

Bear’s Cave

Location: Fort district of South Mumbai
Bear’s Cave, situated near the Norton Bungalow is a must visit place on the way to Servaroyan Temple. Norton was a well known criminal lawyer from Chennai. The Bear’s cave is now a private property but the tourists are allowed to pay a visit with prior permission. The belief goes that this cave was used by wild bears as their dwelling place in olden days and that’s why today the cave is named Bear’s Cave.
The central area of this mighty cave goes 7 feet deep down the ground and so we have to bend as we enter the cave. After the initial pit the cave turns into an even deeper abyss. And according to the belief of the natives, this abyss is a path that leads to the Servaroyan Temple up the hills. Speculations are made that this cave was availed by Tipu Sultan as his hideout during the times of war. Exploring the cave is not an easy task as the interiors of the cave are low in height. You will have to crawl on all fours after some initial walking inside the premises of the cave.
A temple of Lord Murugan is situated close to the bear’s cave which is believed to be one of the six abodes of Lord Murugan. The central plains of the temple are symmetrically carved out of one single rock.

The Grange

Location: In the yercaud
‘The Grange’, one of the oldest buildings in Yercaud was constructed by The Father of Yercaud - David CockBurn. The Grange is built in a castle like shape and it is believed that this building was used by Robert Clive as his summer rest house when on the visit to Yercaud. During the time of Sepoy Mutiny, canons were towered, gun stations were built and thus the castle was strengthened. A large basement was also built that can accommodate the provisions for at least 6 months. Though everything went alright and there was no need to use any of these. Presently, the Grange is a private property and tourists are not given permission to visit it. But a very well maintained luxurious resort is situated nearby.