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Weather In Yercaud

The weather of Yercaud is remarkably cold and pleasant all round the year. Even during the summer when the sun is shining bright on Salem down the hills, the climate at Yercaud remains chilly due to its height and the clouds that encompass it all the time. It is so obvious that during winter and monsoon even thicker clouds and mist envelop the town the whole day and the whole night.
The temperature in winter at Yercaud ranges between 12C and 25C and in summer, it varies from 16C to 30C. Average rain showers of Yercaud are reported to be from 1500 to 2000 mm. During summer and monsoon, weather gets quite humid. January is the coldest month in Yercaud. The best season to pay a visit to this seductive charisma of nature is September to November and February to June.