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Weather In Vijayawada

Weather In Vijaywada

The weather of Vijaywada can be defined as a tropical wet and dry climate which is characterized with hot and humid summers, moderate winters and medium to heavy rainfalls.

Summer in Vijaywada extends from March to June when the minimum temperature is recorded to be around 20°c which frequently attains the level of 47°c. The scorching heat of summer turns hotter and hotter with every single day and humidity also registers a significant rise during this period of time. May and June are the hottest months of the year and tourists are recommended to strictly avoid visiting Vijaywada during this season. The sobriquet of Vijaywada - Bezawada (Blaze Wada) stands explicitly explained when the broiling rays of the summer sun bake the entire plateau. The sweltering heat of summer is accompanied by the high level of clamminess when the humidity rises up to 68%.

Monsoon sets in during the month of late June and lasts till October when the city is drenched with both the south-west and north-east monsoon. Vijaywada receives a considerable amount of downpour during the rainy season and the average annual rainfall of Vijaywada is documented to be about 103 cm. Cyclones are also quite common in Vijaywada during monsoon.

Winter mainly extends from December to February when the temperature ranges between 10°c and 27°c. Winter is a pretty mild and pleasant season and most of the important festivals of Vijaywada including Deccan Festival, Lumbini Festival, etc are celebrated during the winter months. Tourists are advised to carry woolen clothes along if visiting Vijaywada in winter as the nights turn considerably chilly and freezing.

The most ideal time to pay a visit to Vijaywada – ‘the city of victory’ is from October to March.