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Weather In Udupi

The climate of Udupi remains consistently equable and temperate throughout the year. Owing to its proximity to the Arabian Sea Udupi experiences hot summers, pleasurable winters and moderate to heavy rains. The average daytime temperature in Udupi ranges from 30c to 35c while the night time temperature generally remains around 25c. Humidity is usually high most of the time.

Summer in Udupi extends from March to May when the maximum temperature elevates as high as 40c, while it doesnt drop downer than 22c. The summer days are significantly hot and sizzling while as the mercury sinks at night, the summer nights are comparatively colder and congenial. Though summer is not the best time of the year for sightseeing in Udupi, the Udupi Krishna Temple receives heavy influx of devotees even in this season due to the summer vacations.

Monsoon sets in during the month of June and lasts till September when medium to heavy precipitations accompanied by both southwest and northeast windstorms drench the city with all their fury. Udupi receives over 4000 mm of the average annual rainfall and the landscape dressed up in fresh verdure looks tremendously appealing during the rainy season.

Winter in Udupi lasts from December to February when the maximum temperature is reported to be about 32c while it can go as down as 10c at times. The winter days are remarkably warmish and sunny but the nights are mostly cold and nippy. Winter is the most pleasant and enjoyable season of the year and tourists choose this time period for visiting Udupi by and large.

However, on account of its infinite religious magnitude and its accelerating tourism popularity, Udupi beckons myriads of devotees of Lord Krishna as well as vacationers and travelers to this land of transcendental elegance all twelve months of the year.