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Weather In Udaipur

Due to its proximity with the Thar Desert of Rajasthan, Udaipur experiences the tropical kind of climatic conditions. Summer is extremely hot and dry while winter is much bearable and pleasant. Monsoon brings occasional showers that relieve the city from the scorching heat of summer.

Summer sets in during the month of mid March and smolders the city with its burning sun rays. Even though, Udaipur doesnt have to face as fierce summer as compared to other regions of the desert land Rajasthan due to its bountiful lakes. Summer lasts till early July when the maximum temperature often crosses the mercury level of 42.3c. The average temperature of a summer day in Udaipur fluctuates around 38c. Just like all the desert towns, the temperature of Udaipur drops down to the mark of 28c at nights. Summer nights are little comforting as they are attended with cool and dry desert winds. So if you are in the Lake City Udaipur during summer, it is recommended to venture out for sightseeing only in the evening.

Monsoon reaches the Udaipur plateau in the month of late July when the average annual rainfall ranges around 637 mm. Udaipur experiences occasional downpours and the humidity reaches to the level of about 90%. The maximum temperature in monsoon is recorded to be 28.3c and it can go as down as 11.6c. Monsoon in Udaipur is accompanied by dusty winds and thunderstorms.

Winter is the most pleasant season of the year when the temperature goes down to a considerable level and weather renders quite dry and amicable. The winter days are sunny and comfortably warm and at the same time nights are cool and chilly due to desert winds. Winter arrives in Udaipur in the month of October and remains till March. The maximum temperature in winter is reported to be around 28c and the minimum temperature drops down to 2 to 3c. Winter is the best time to visit Udaipur; the Kashmir of Rajasthan.