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Weather In Tuticorin

Owing to its propinquity with the Gulf of Mannar, Tuticorin experiences tropical climatic conditions characterized with immensely hot summer, gentle winter and frequent rain showers.

Summerextends between March and June when the blazing sun boosts the temperature and the climate is very humid. Tuticorin registers the maximum temperature of 37c and the minimum temperature of 30c during summer. Summer in Tuticorin is the most hostile season, especially for those tourists who have arrived from cold regions. Summer is not recommended as an ideal season for tourism at Tuticorin and it is highly advisable to wear light cotton during this time of the year.

Winter ranges from November to February when the weather is considerably amicable and pleasant. The temperature during winter rises up to max 32c and it goes as down as 26c. This season in Tuticorin is not that dyed-in-the-wool and you dont need to worry about losing the moisture of your skin as there are no biting winds. Winter is the perfect period to visit Tuticorin as you will fully enjoy the sight seeing in this placid season. Only some light woolen garments are sufficient to protect you from this mild winter.

Monsoon ranges from July to September and sometimes it continues till October when Tuticorin experiences continuous rains combined with occasional thunderstorms. The sea gets tempestuous and nobody will want to go out in such heavy rains. So monsoon is not the right season for visiting Tuticorin. As the heavy downpours will squander your plans of taking a tour of the city. Yet, if you still happen to be at Tuticorin during the rainy season, do remember to carry the proper rain gears along.