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Tuticorin Culture

Tuticorin, an important sea port of the country and the ‘Pearl City’ of the state of Tamil Nadu has been serving as the center of the nautical trade over last couple of centuries. The economical aspect of Tuticorin is taken care of by the industries like fishing, pearl fishing, shipping, ship building, salt pan, power, chemicals, Information Technology and agriculture. More than 11 fishing villages flourish at Tuticorin port and they make a lot of money in the fish export. Tamil, the state language of Tuticorin is the most spoken tongue here and the next widely spoken language is English.
Tuticorin is the proud landing point of the cardinal undersea cable of BSNL that connects Tuticorin to Sri Lanka. One more feather in the glorious hat of Tuticorin’s historical heritage is the sagas of the great freedom fighters V. O. Chidambaram Pillai, Subramania Bharathi, Kattabomman and Vanchinathan who performed a significant part in the Independence Movement of India. The city Tuticorin is doing well in the area of entertainment too. Tuticorin has both Air India Radio (AIR) Station and FM Radio station. Some of the famous Tuticorin based Tamil movies are Attakasam, Kappalottiya Thamizhan, Thoothukudi, Thamirabarani, Easaa, Singam, etc
Recently developing as a prominent tourist destination of Tamil Nadu, Tuticorin is thronged by numberless tourists, especially during winter. Travelers particularly alight here to pay a visit to the famous Tuticorin Port and relax at various beaches along the Gulf of Mannar. Tourists cannot miss tasting the flavor of Tuticorin special cuisines like Parotta Salna Set, Tuticorin Macaroon, Sweets, Snacks, Cookies, Cakes, Thenkuzhal, Karupatti Thenkuzhal, Vazhapazha Innipu (Banana Halwa), Dodol, Paaghu, Puttu Karupatti, Nut Bars, Deep Fried Parottas Coated With Chicken/Mutton Gravies, Paniyarams, etc. And the special shopping attractions of the city include Clothes, Fashion Accessories, Books, Electronics, Jewelleries, Handicrafts, Souvenirs, etc.