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Weather In Tirupati

Summer:Tirupati experiences an extreme type of tropical climate all round the year. Summer in Tirupati ranges from March to June when temperature hovers around 42c to 45 c with sun showering his heat on us with full rage. It is highly recommended to avoid visiting Tirupati during the burning summer as you wont be able to stand the fierce heat and enjoy your tour.

Monsoon: Monsoon sets in from July and stretches till September. This season is marked with high humidity and medium rains. The nectar showering from the sky gives a real relief from the killing heat of summer. Post monsoon which extends between October and November comes with heavy rains accompanied by occasional thunder storms and cyclones. Though ambiance appears real balmy and pleasing during this period, tourists should avoid venturing out on unfavorable days.

Winter: Winter ranges between December and February when the entire milieu is beaming with extremely pleasant climate and verdant green landscapes. Temperature goes as down as 15c in winters and this is the best season to visit Tirupati. The ideal season to visit this pilgrim place is September to March.