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Weather In Thane

Thane has more or less similar climatic conditions as Mumbai. The general climate of Thane can be described as tropical hot and humid. Four explicit seasons videlicet summer, winter, monsoon and post monsoon are experienced in the yearly seasonal cycle of Thane. Summer extends from March to June which is followed by Monsoon from June to September. October and November are Post Monsoon months while Winter extends from December to February. The average temperature of Thane in summer is reported to be ranging from 32c to 40c, where as in winter it hovers around 16c to 8c. The southwest monsoon brings rains to Thane and the average annual downpour of the city is recorded to be 2293.4 mm. Thane receives about 94% of its annual rainfall in the four months from June to September and July happens to be the wettest period of the year as nearly 40% of the annual shower is received in this month. The best time to pay a visit to Thane is from October to March as summers of this region are not bearable for the tourists coming from the cold domains of the world. Due to its proximity with the Arabian Sea the weather of Thane always remains humid and moist.