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Weather In Tanjore

The weather of Tanjore can be classified as hot tropical climate which is not marked with any kind of intense fluctuations in the temperature of summer and winter seasons.

Summer in Tanjore extends from March to May when the temperature level swings between 25c and 40c. April and May happen to be the hottest months of the year and during this period of time the weather gets significantly warm and humid due to its proximity with the sea. However, because of the cool sea breeze, summer nights generally turn cold and agreeable as compared to the afternoon. Even though, tourists usually avoid visiting Tanjore in summer as summer days are not as convenient and suitable for sightseeing and temple visits as other seasons.

Monsoon succeeds summer in the month of June and commands the weather conditions till late September when the terrain receives low monsoon rains. Subsequent to that, the northeast monsoon brings abundant downpours between October and December as well. Tanjore, infused with enlivening glory of the juvenile rains appears fantastically marvelous and the climate turns distinctly pleasant which offers a great relief from the hot and sizzling weather of summer.

Winter sets in during the month of December and lasts till February when the average temperature ranges between 20c and 30c. The temperature never drops downer than 20c and the clime remains quite pleasing and salubrious. Winter is the best season for tourism activities and sightseeing at Tanjore.

The most idyllic tourist season for visiting Tanjore extends from October to March. June to September is humid and moderate which is appropriate for sight seeing and short excursions.