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Weather In Surat

The weather of Surat heavily influenced by the Arabian Sea due to their proximity with each other can be classified as a ‘tropical savanna climate’. It is characterized with hot summers, moderate winters and heavy rains.
Summer in Surat sets in during the month of early March and lasts till mid June. The hottest months of the year happen to be April and May and the average temperature of summer in Surat fluctuates around 40°c. At times the temperature even rises to the level of 44°c when days become quite unpleasant and unbearable.
Summer is followed by Monsoon which reaches Surat in late June and remains till late September. Generally Surat receives heavy rainfalls and at time this even results into devastating floods. The floods of 2006 are the recent example of this phenomenon. The average annual downpour of Surat is recorded to be about 1000 mm. During the monsoon season the average temperature of Surat hovers around 32°c and the weather remains moderately hot and humid.
The post monsoon months i.e. October and early November restore the reign of high temperatures which is ceased by the colds of winter.
Winter starts in the month of December and lasts till February when the average temperature remains about 23°c and the city also experiences a little rain. Winter is the most pleasant season of the year in Surat. The best period to pay a visit to Surat is from October to April.