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Weather In Srinagar

Summer at Srinagar is pleasant and amicable. This season sets in during the month of April and lasts till September. The temperature during summer ranges between 33c and 10c. Summer is the best season to pay a visit to the flourishing Kashmir Valley when the pristine beauty of the lakes and teeming gardens are at its best. Winter extends from October to March when temperature constantly remains around 0c and it can go up to 15c to the max. Winters are associated with heavy snowfalls and though not recommended for tourism, this season is perfect for beholding the beauty of the endless Himalayan precipices enveloped with snowy coat. At times, due to the heavy snowfall in winter, the only road that links Srinagar with rest of the world is cut off. The average annual rainfall of Srinagar is reported to be about 710 mm. Spring is the wettest season of the year where as autumn is the driest.
The tourists are advised to carry heavy woolen clothes along to save themselves from the freezing cold of winter.