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Weather In Secunderabad

Secunderabad experiences a tropical wet and dry climate which is characterized with hot summers, pleasant winters and heavy rains.

Summer sets in during the month of February and remains till early June. This is a quite hot and humid season when temperature extends from 20c to 38c. Sometimes it even crosses the mark of 40c. It is highly recommended to wear light cotton clothes in this season and also acquire heat canopies like sun screen lotion, caps, scarves and umbrella to save yourself from the scorching rays of the sun.

Summer is followed by Monsoon which reaches Secunderabad in the month of June and drenches the plateau with considerably heavy rains till the late September. Secunderabad receives the rains from the Southwest Monsoon and the annual average rainfall in Secunderabad is recorded to be about 79 centimeters. During the post monsoon season while waiting for the cooling winter, the city Secunderabad has to face a bit of lift in temperature for some days in the month of October.

Winter extents from November to February when the climate turns out to be very pleasant and soothing. The average temperature of winter ranges from 13c to 30c. Winter in Secunderabad is not accompanied by chilly and biting winds and so the weather seems to be very amicable. Tourists are recommended to wear light woolen clothes in the winter months at Secunderabad.

The best season to pay a visit to Secunderabad is from late October to early March.