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Weather In Ranthambore

Ranthambore, the gateway to the flaming Thar Desert of Rajasthan, experiences an extreme type of tropical and desert like climate.
Summer extends between March and June when day temperature shoots up as high as 45c and makes the weather intensely hot and dry. Every so often, the temperature of a summer day in Ranthambore even crosses the mark of 45c and makes it absolutely unbearable. The exploding beams of the sun penetrate your skin mercilessly and suck out all the energy. The average maximum temperature of summer in Ranthambore is recorded to be nearly 40c and the minimum temperature is 28.8c. Some wildlife experts argue that summer is the best time for animal spotting as the aggravated animals frequently visit the water bodies. They also turn lazy due to the burning heat and prefer relaxing which renders the risks of attack quite less. Opinions do vary though.

Winter in Ranthambore starts in October and ends in March. This season is regarded to be quite cold and chilly as the day temperature ranges between 16c and 20c. During the night, the temperature even goes as down as 2c and renders the climate extremely cold and frosty. Winter is the best season to visit Ranthambore as the pleasant and soothing atmosphere makes the wildlife come out of their sheds. The chance of spotting wild animals and birds remarkably increase in this season and the entire terrain echoes with the chirping of jolly birds.

Monsoon in Ranthambore ranges from July to September. Though it does not rain heavily, the weather gets very humid. At the end of monsoon, the sanctuary becomes full of life throbbing with abundant wildlife and verdant green landscapes. Ranthambore tiger reserve and National Park is kept open for tourists from 1st of October to 30th of June every year.