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Weather In Pushkar

Pushkar experiences extreme desert type climate which is characterized with scorching hot days and significantly cold nights. The three major seasons that classify the yearly seasonal cycle of Pushkar include summer, monsoon and winter. Summer is the most sultry and sweltering period of the year which renders the days quite unbearable. Whereas, the winter months are considerably manageable and pleasant.

Summer Summer in Pushkar sets in during the month of March and extends up to June when the climate turns acutely hot and torrid. The mercury easily crosses the level of 40c and the broiling desert winds turn the atmosphere notably feverish and particularly intolerable for the outsiders. The minimum temperature that of a summer day in Pushkar is reported to be 25c while the maximum temperature rises up to 45c.

Monsoon extends from July to September when the town receives scanty and meager rain showers but the climate gets very humid and damp. The humidity goes up to 90% while the average downpour of Pushkar is reported to be varying from 38 to 51 cms.

Winter in Pushkar is the most pleasant and agreeable season. During the winter months from November to February temperature ranges from 8c to 22c and sometimes at the night the temperature even drops down to 3c. The cold desert winds of winter render the nights substantially glacial and nippy. The best time to pay a visit to Pushkar is from October to March when the climate is quite cheerful and congenial.

The world famous Pushkar Mela is celebrated in the month of October or November with tremendous joy and enthusiasm. This distinguished fair draws a huge number of tourists and devotees to this land of pilgrimage and the entire region is teeming with the jovial mood of festivity and merriment.