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Weather In Port Blair

The weather of Port Blair can be categorized under Tropical Monsoon Climate as the city doesnt experience any severe climatic variations in its average annual temperature or humidity. Port Blair receives medium to heavy rains all through the year except for the period between January and March when it occasionally faces tropical storms. The most ideal tourist season for paying a visit to Port Blair is from December to April.

Summer:in Port Blair extends from March to May when although the days are warm and tepid, the cool refreshing sea breeze always controls the escalating heat. The average summer temperature of Port Blair fluctuates in the range of 20c (minimum) and 36c (maximum) and the climatic humidity soars up to 80%. Summer is the most suitable time span for enjoying all the water sports and beach activities in and around Port Blair. Sporadic summer rains are experienced at Port Blair in late April or mid May.

Monsoon: in Port Blair lasts from mid May to August while Post Monsoonal rains are experienced in the months from September to November. Port Blair collects medium to heavy downpours during monsoon and at times the rain showers are also accompanied with heavy thunders & strong winds. When the Rain God drenches the Andaman & Nicobar Islands with all His fury, tourists generally avoid visiting Port Blair as the heavy precipitations can disrupt all their sight seeing & water sports plans. June is the wettest month of the year at Port Blair.

Winter: sets in during the month of December and prevails till February when the Andaman & Nicobar Islands are blooming with the constant influx of tourists. Being the most agreeable and delightful season of the year, winter offers the most fitting climate for beach activities and sightseeing excursions in Port Blair. The average temperature ranges between 15c (minimum) and 34c (maximum) when the mildly cold and amiable ambience and clear blue skies utterly charm the visitors. Snorkeling, Scuba Diving, Boating and other water sports are best enjoyed in winter. Not only that, the Island Tourism Festival of Andaman & Nicobar celebrated in the months of December or January enthralls the tourists to no limit.