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Weather In Pench

Pench National Park experiences tropical monsoonal continental climate characterized with three distinct seasons namely summer, monsoon and winter.

Summer extends from April to June when the climatic temperature ranges between 26c and 42c. At times it even accelerates as high as 45c and the entire ambience turns exceedingly sweltering and scorching.

Monsoon sets in during the month of July and lasts till September when Pench and the neighboring terra firma receive around 1400 mm of the mean annual rainfall. Most of the rains are brought by the south-west monsoon.

Winter reaches the plateau in November and retains its dominion till February when the climate gets significantly cold and nippy. The temperature variation of winter in Pench is reported to be stretching between below freezing level and 16c.

The best time to visit the Pench National Park is from February to April. It is to be noted that the Pench Tiger Reserve remains closed from July to September.