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Pelling Culture

The indigenous people, also known as Limboo are basically physically strong men who mainly live by farming. They are peace-loving and live in small settlements across the hilly terrain. Agriculture is the paramount occupation of the villagers. The main crops cultivated are cardamom, maize, millet, paddy, wheat and buckwheat. The small castles like local houses are the typical traditional architecture of the Limboo people and have a large courtyard, unique balconies and beautiful galleries.

Music and Dance: Limboo celebrations are often accompanied with ‘Chabb-rung’, a form of drum. The Limbo men wear Po-hok-ma and ‘'Sumba'’. This is slightly similar to the Daura Suruwal (Nepali dress). The women wear an ankle length dress Sim and Hambari, which is usually bright in colour and made from a finely woven fabric with traditional patterns.

Art and Craft: A major part of the souvenirs that tourists carry from this region include some of the handicrafts of the region made of wood, wool and bamboo.