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Weather In Patna

Patna experiences humid subtropical climate which is characterized with hot summers, moderately cold winters and medium to heavy rainfalls.

Summer in Patna extends from March to June when the weather turns significantly hot and torrid with temperature accelerating as high as 46c. The month of March is unexceptionally warm when the climate, though quite close to feverish, remains bearable and comfortable for tourist excursions and sightseeing. Early summer evenings are pretty cool and pleasing and most ideal for unwinding in some garden or on the banks of the river Ganga. From April to June temperature substantially rises and the ambience turns notably scorching and sweltering. Baking winds of the afternoon and the soaring humidity renders outings or sightseeing uncomfortable and wearisome. Tourists generally tend to avoid venturing out in the broiling afternoons and equally sultry evenings. Temperature ranges from 28c to 40c on an average and at times the concluding days of summer receive sporadic rains as well. Summer is not the best tourist season in Patna.

Monsoon takes over the reigns in late June or early July when the city is drenched with gentle to heavy downpours till late September. From time to time precipitation is accompanied by thunderstorms and humidity in the weather extensively elevates. August is the wettest month of the year. The highest ever rainfall of Patna was reported in the year 1997 to be 204.5 mm. Though the rains bring comfort from the blazing heat of summer, the all the time cloudy and gloomy weather and the water clogged roads would undo all the sightseeing plans of the tourists. With the winding up of the rainy season in September, Patna experiences pleasant and salubrious climate in the month of October which is defined with no rains and lots of sunshine. October is the month that marks the onset of the tourist activities in Patna.

Winter in Patna sets in during the month of November and lasts till February when the atmosphere turns agreeably cool and stimulating. The early days of winter are illustrated with refreshing sunshine and soothing ambience when the city receives hordes of tourists alighting here from all over the country. December and January are the coldest months of the year when the days are affable and chilly while the nights turn quite freezing and nippy. This is the most suitable time of the year for outings in and around Patna. Tourists are recommended to carry woolen clothes along if visiting Patna in winter. The average winter time temperature of Patna ranges between 12c and 33c.

The best time for visiting Patna is from October to March.