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Weather In Pathankot

Pathankot, nestled at the elevation of 332 meters above the sea level and cuddled at the footings of the Shiwalik Mountain Ranges against the backdrop of the snow crowned Himalayan Sierras is a verdurous Punjabi township that is flanked by the abounding Ravi and Chakki rivers on both its sides. Blessed with pleasing and salubrious climate which persists all through the year, Pathankot can be visited for tourism purposes in any season. The seasonal cycle of Pathankot is characterized with warm summers, cool winters and moderate monsoon.

Summer in Pathankot extends from March to June when the average temperature ranges in the spectrum of 45c (maximum) and 21c (minimum). The period between Mid-May and Mid-June is the hottest time span of the year when the temperature generally remains in the range of 35c and 45c. The summer months of March and April are comparatively calm and amicable when temperature fluctuates between 16c and 25c. This is the most ideal period for sightseeing expeditions and recreational activities in and around Pathankot.

Monsoon in Pathankot sets in during the month of July and lasts till September when temperature falls to a significant level and the juvenile rains bring great respite from the broiling heat of summer. Even though, the humidity level remains high during monsoon which increases the dampness and swelter in the climate. Pathankot receives modest to heavy precipitations during monsoon which reaches its culmination in the month of August or September. Pathankot is usually drenched by the north-west and north-east monsoon. The highest ever recorded downpour of Pathankot is 195.5 mm (received in a single day).

Winter follows the lead of monsoon and reaches Pathankot in the month of November. Winter generally lasts till late February or early March when the days are considerably cold and refreshing while the nights turn quite chilly and nippy. The wintertime temperature of Pathankot typically prevails in the sphere of 24c (maximum) and 5c (minimum). Sometimes, Pathankot even receives slight sprinkles during winters which are occasionally accompanied by hail-storms. During 2012, Pathankot received snowfall after almost 55 years.