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Weather In Nainital

The geographical location of Nainital amidst the snow capped Himalayan Ranges and its high altitude affects the weather of this ‘Lake District’ to a large extent. All twelve months of the year Nainital experiences very cold climate and the average temperature of this headland hover between 25°c and 3°c.
Summer in Nainital sets in during the month of April and lasts till June. The maximum temperature during summer is recorded to be 28°c while the minimum temperature goes as down as 10°c. Summer being the most bearable and most salubrious season of the year is regarded to be the perfect time for tourism activities in Nainital. Due to the clear weather you can also enjoy the unobstructed panorama of the far reaching Himalayas in summer. One can wear light woolen clothes while visiting Nainital in summer.
Summer is followed by Monsoon which extends from July to September. Nainital plateau is drenched with moderate to heavy rains during this period of time. The maximum temperature of Nainital in monsoon is reported to be about 18°c and the minimum temperature is recorded to be 10°c.
Winter reaches Nainital in the month of November and spreads its reign with freezing cold. It retains the throne till March and the coldest months of the year happen to be from December to February. The temperature ranges from 14°c to 2°c in winter and this is not recommended as an ideal season for visiting Nainital. At times when there is heavy snow fall, the temperature even goes below zero. Heavy woolen clothes are must have if you are planning to pay a visit to this queen of hill stations in winter. The best season to visit Nainital is from March to June.