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Weather In Mysore

The weather of Mysore remains pleasant all year round and the city doesn’t have an extreme type of climate.
During summer the weather is moderately hot and the temperature during the day may vary from that of the night. Average temperature of a day in Mysore goes up to 35° C and maximum recorded temperature of summer is 39° C. Average temperature of a summer night is 20° C.
Winter in Mysore is extremely cozy and comfortable. Average temperature during the daytime in winter is 27° C and that of night is 17° C. this is the best season to visit Mysore: the city of Palaces.
Though monsoon season in Mysore is defined as being from June to August, the Mysore showers are so unpredictable that it can rain even in winter and in summer. Mostly such sudden rainfalls come in the evenings. So it is always better to carry an umbrella with you unless you want to enjoy the torrents. Average annual rainfall as registered in Mysore is 667.2 mm.