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Weather In Murud

Murud enjoys very pleasant and salubrious climatic conditions all round the year. Cool breezes blowing over the sea keep the days very amiable and agreeable while nights are quite cold and nippy. Summer extends from March to June when the temperature often crosses the level of 35c. The minimum temperature of summer in Murud is reported to be around 23c. Winter sets in during the month of November and retains its glory till February. Temperature ranges between 13c to 30c at this time of the year. Winter accompanied with chilly winds renders the days quite frigid at times and nights, very frosty. Tourists are particularly advised to carry their winter canopy along if visiting Murud in this season. Monsoon, which extends from Mid June to early October, brings medium rainfall to Murud. The perfect season to pay a visit to Murud is from October to March.