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Weather In Mumbai

Summer:The Mumbaikers are of the view that Mumbai experiences precisely two seasons- rain and no-rain. The former climate prevails in the city in two phases. One if between the months of March and May when the city experiences summer and temperature mostly remains from 25 to 35 degree Celsius. The weather is mostly humid with a cool sea breeze that blows in the evenings and nights making the heat bearable.

Monsoon: The season of Monsoon commences from late May or the beginning of June and continues till the first week of September. During this time the city receives heavy showers. The average annual rainfall that the city gets is around 2200 mm and July is often the wettest month, receiving the maximum rainfall
The months between October to December is considers as the post-monsoon season. During this time the monsoon recedes and the weather remains dry and pleasant. The temperature gradually goes down with the month of November experiencing sunny days and warm, pleasant nights

Winter: Winter in Mumbai is nominal. Temperature mostly remains from 15 to 25 degree Celsius. This spell of winter remains from December to February. This also marks the driest season in Mumbai. Occasionally the city experiences chilly nights because of the strong Northern winds.
The cool months from December to February are the best time to pay Mumbai a visit. Not only is this period marked with interesting festivities, but the temperature also remains moderate and perfect for exploring the city and its various facets.