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Mumbai Tourist Tips

Telephone Code: India (022), International (+91)
Pin Code: 400001 To 400123
Best Time to Visit: October to April
Local Transport: Taxies,city buses,local trains
Foreign Exchange Offices: Forex, Near city mall,Central Road.
Email Id:forex@aexchangecom, pho No.453453

Shopping Tips

Shopping particularly from the street-side shops and shacks should involve reasonable bargaining in order to strike a perfect deal.


As India's largest, most multicultural city, Mumbai is a fairly liberal place and its business culture tends to be informal and friendly—Mumbaikars are famous for their chalta hain (laid-back) attitude. However, traditions still hold in many areas of behaviour, and it's wise to be prepared.

Getting around

By auto, cycle, motorcycle, Car, Taxi.

Best clothing and accessories required

A drink water bottle and handkerchief are the must-haves in Mumbai, no matter which season you pay it a visit. Light cottons are the best attires to wear in Mumbai throughout the year. However, if you are planning for a Mumbai trip in the rainy season, an umbrella, raincoat and boots are indispensable.


If you need a doctor, your hotel can contact a house physician. The medical stores in Super Bazar, Connaught Circus, AIIMS and at some private hospitals such as Batra (Tughlakabad Institutional Area) can also prove to be handy in case of emergency.