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Mumbai Culture

Mumbai is famous to the rest of India for being symbolic of an undying spirit. Many a time this city has been inflicted with natural and man-made calamities. However, it has not taken much time for this megapolis to spring   back to action and return back to normalcy.
  • Religion: It is a truly secular city with a number of temples, mosques, churches, Parsi agiaries, gurudwaras and synagogues spread all over the town.
  • Food : Mumbaikers are great foodies and are completely spoilt for choice. The city offers a wide range of cuisines ranging from the Continental, Chinese, Thai, Indian and Mughlai that will surely make your mouth water. For the adventurous palates, there is a variety of Indian fast Food and snacks available at Indian Restaurants, wherever you go in the city.
  • Nightlife: Mumbai has a vibrant nightlife with a large number of discotheques, bars, nightclubs and late night cinemas. Mumbai city traffic in night is as busy as daytime and the city gleams the most in the night. Mumbai is a city of dreams with reverberating western music and spirited foot steps on the dance floors. Perhaps this is the reason why Mumbai is considered to be a city that never sleeps.

Festivals in Mumbai

       Some of the important festivals that are observed in Mumbai with pomp and piety are as follows:
  • Holi - The evergreen festival of color with spraying of ‘gulal’, water colors and throwing water balloons at one another. It is also accompanied with customary greetings and exchange of sweets.
  • Gokul Ashtami- This festival celebrates Janmashtami, or the birth of lord Krishna. It is also known as ‘Dahi Handi’. Thousands of ‘matkas’(earthen pots) are strung high in the air on the streets and human pyramids are formed to attempt and break these pots amidst huge roars, fun fare, color and cheering
  • Ganesh Utsav- This is the greatest festival that the Mumbaites indulge in. it takes place during August-September when mammoth idols of Lord Ganpati are worshipped all over the state with deep reverence and ovation, both at public pandals and households for 11 days. During this period the entire Mumbai dresses up in dazzling lights, oil-lit lamps, cymbals, bells and rhythmic clapping. The Ganpati Idol is immersed in water on the 12th day with tremendous fanfare, amidst dance, drumbeats, color and fireworks. The entire city comes to a standstill on the day of immersion as millions of people proceed towards the sea with shouts of “Ganpati Bappa Morya” reigning the air.
  • Dusshera/ Navratri - This festival observes nine days and nights of worship of Goddess ‘Shakti’ and revelry. During this period people play Garba/ Dandiya i.e. dancing with two sticks in hand to the tunes played by live bandsright into the early hours of the morning.
  • Diwali- The celebration of lights, fireworks and New Year. Every household on this occasion is lit up with ‘diyas’ or oil-lit lamps and kandeels(lanterns). Women design colorful ‘Rangolis’ on the floor. The skies light up with spectacular fireworks and the New Year is ushered in with cheer and exchange of sweets and greetings.