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Weather In Mount Abu

Considering that Mount Abu is located at the altitude of 1,164 meters, the climate of the city is very genial and amicable. The weather is mostly cloudy and the temperature ranges between 31C and 34C even in summer.
When the temperature of other parts in Rajasthan goes up to 44C in summer, Mount Abu maintains its gentility and frigidity with the temperature being approximately 31C. The dense green jungles of Aravalli ranges and the blooming valleys surrounding Mount Abu make the weather cool, refreshing and lively.
The maximum temperature of Mount Abu during winter season is recorded around 10C and it can even go down to -8C at nights. Sometimes it is so very cold that even the water in your glass can freeze overnight. It is not advisable to visit Mount Abu in winter if you belong to a very hot and tropical region. The best season is between February to June and September to December.
As Mount Abu is situated at the highest point of the state of Rajasthan, it is listed at the top for the annual average rainfall too. There are heavy torrents of rain showers during the monsoon and nature is at its best throughout this season. The average rainfall ranges from 70 to 180 cm. North east gales draft at the speed of 4 km per hour. Humidity is around 52% while dew point is about 21.