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Weather In Matheran

Matheran perched at the altitude of 800 meters above the sea level in the Sahyadri Mountain Ranges experiences cool and pleasant climate most of the year. The weather remains salubrious, agreeable and less humid all twelve months of the year and Matheran provides a perfect getaway during the hot summer months. The three major seasons of Indian seasonal cycle viz. summer, monsoon and winter are enjoyed at Matheran.

Summer extends from March to May when mercury fluctuates between 22c and 32c. Temperature never rises above 32c and the milieu turns extremely congenial and gratifying. This is the best season for sight seeing and trekking at Matheran. Even though summer days are affable and cheerful, the summer nights can at times be chilly. So tourists are recommended to always carry a light woolen garment while visiting Matheran even in summer.

Winter sets in during the month of December and retains the reigns till late February or early March. During this season the average temperature ranges between 12c and 22c. Sometimes, and particularly at nights mercury even drops down below 10c and the climate turns considerably frigid and nippy. Tourists are advised to carry normal to heavy woolen clothes during winter. Though cold, this season is perfect for all the tourism and adventure activities.

Monsoon follows the lead of summer and pays a visit to Matheran plateau between June and September. Matheran receives quite heavy downpours and the entire region turns incomparably beautiful and vivacious. Life is infused in every aspect of nature and the glory of Matheran forests even multiplies. Even though, the heavy rains can block the roads at times and the toy train is also not operational due to the safety issues. Heavy rains can sometimes spoil your sightseeing plans so only those tourists who love rains visit Matheran during monsoon.

Although October to May is deemed the best season for tourism in Matheran, this hill resort can be practically visited all round the year.