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Weather In Mangalore

Mangalore experiences a tropical monsoon climate as per the Köppen Climate Classification. Due to its proximity with the sea, it directly comes under the influence of the Arabian Sea branch of the southwest monsoon. 95% of the total annual rainfall is received by Mangalore within 6 months of the year between May and October, while other months remain completely dry. Monsoon is extremely strong here and it rains heavily in Mangalore. The annual downpour here is recorded to be 3,479 millimeters, i.e. 137 inches. The maximum average humidity experienced in Mangalore is 93% and that of minimum is 56%. May to July are the most humid months while January is the driest month.

Winter ranges from December to February in Mangalore when the average temperature of a day hovers around 30°c and at nights it goes as down as 19°c. This is the most pleasant season and the best period to visit Mangalore when both humidity and heat remain lowest. March to May is the season of summer when temperature goes as up as 38°c. Summer is quite hot and not recommended for sight seeing. The best season to visit this gateway to Karnataka is from September to March.