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Weather In Manali

Manali due to its geographical location at the elevation of about 1950 meters amidst the snow capped Himalayan Mountain Ranges predominantly experiences a cold and frigid weather all round the year. The temperature variation of Manali over the twelve months of the year ranges between - 05c and 30c. The weather is moderately cool in summer and real cold in winter.

Summer:sets in during the month of late March and extends till early July. During summer the temperature goes up to 24c max and at nights it drops as down as 14c. The climate remains pleasant and amicable during the day while it turns nippy after the dark. Summer is the perfect season to visit this Queen of Hill Stations as this is the ideal time for adventure activities such as paragliding, rafting, trekking, zorbing and mountain sports at Manali. One must carry light woolen clothes along even when you pay a visit to Manali in summer.

Monsoon: in Manali starts in July and remains till late September. The annual precipitation of Manali is recorded to be about 1363 mm. Traveling on the hilly roads of Manali plateau is a bit difficult in the rainy season and it should be best avoided as it involves the danger of land slides. The best season to visit Manali is from October to December and March to June.

Winter: in Manali extends from early October to late February. This is the most chilly and frosty season of the year when the terrain experiences heavy snowfalls and temperature drops as down as - 05c. Winter is not at all recommended as the best season to pay a visit to Manali. You cannot survive the winter unless you avail particularly thick and heavy woolen clothes. Generally people dont visit Manali in winter, but still in case you really want to enjoy the fantastic vista of infinite snow and snow covered Himalayan precipices, do not forget to carry your winter canopy along.