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Weather In Mahabalipuram

Mahabalipuram experiences gentle and humid climate all twelve months of the year. Weather remains temperate and even though November to March is approved as the ideal period to visit Mahabalipuram, tourism industry flourishes all round the year in this land of antiquated architectural endowment.

Summer extends from March to May when the temperature ranges between 36.6c and 21.1c. Summer is quite hot, torrid and tropical season and the tourists are advised to wear light cotton clothes and carry sun canopy along while visiting Mahabalipuram during this period of time.
Winters range between November and February when the maximum temperature is reported to be 30.5c and the minimum temperature is recorded to be 19c. Winter in Mahabalipuram brings pleasant, salubrious days and cool nights and this is the perfect season for sight seeing here.

Monsoon sets in during the month of June and drenches the plateau till late September with moderate to heavy rains. The average rainfall of Mahabalipuram is recorded to be 32.5 cm and generally it is recommended to avoid monsoon season for visiting Mahabalipuram.