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Weather In Madurai

Madurai climate is typical Deccan plateau kind and the weather remains dry and hot all round the year.

Summer extends between May and June with May being the hottest month of summer. The maximum temperature reported in summer is 40c and the minimum is about 26c. Sometimes the mercury even crosses the range of 43c. Tourists are strongly advised to wear cotton during summer season. .

Winter in Madurai encompasses the months between December and February. The temperature in winter ranges betwixt 18c and 30 c. Winter is the most pleasant and the best season for tourists as all the major festivals of Madurai are celebrated in winter.

Monsoon The average annual rainfall in Madurai is approximately 85 cm. Rainy season officially starts in July and ends in October. And North-East Monsoon drenches Madurai after October till December. But, other than this, sudden rainfalls any time of the year are quite common. Mostly it rains in the evening and tourists are recommended to always carry an umbrella with them.