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Weather In Ludhiana

The weather of Ludhiana is marked with extreme type of climatic conditions characterized by very cold winters and real hot summers. Aside from the brief monsoon showers, the weather in Ludhiana remains dry and arid all twelve months of the year.
Summer reaches Ludhiana in the month of March and retains its rule till the end of June or sometimes even till mid July. May and June being the hottest months of the year, the penetrating rays of the sun and the baking winds of afternoon render Ludhiana very torrid. Temperature boosts up to 40c during these days and sometimes it even crosses this limit. Summer nights in Ludhiana are better and bearable as the temperature falls down at times. The minimum temperature of summer is noted to be about 26c in Ludhiana.
Monsoon approaches this plateau in late July and provides a little relief from scorching heat of summer. But Ludhianavis hardly experience heavy rainfall. Rainy Season in Ludhiana ranges only from July to late August or early September. The downpour is also unpredictable and sparse. Late September and October are called post monsoon or transition months. Sometimes it even rains during summer in Ludhiana.
Winter sets in during the month of November and departs in early March. The coldest months of the year are December and January. The maximum temperature of a winter day in Ludhiana is reported to be 20c and it can retire as low as 6c. Winter nights in Ludhiana are very cold and glacial. If you can neither stand extreme heat nor bear intense cold, the best season to visit Ludhiana is between February and April.
Tourists are highly recommended to carry light cotton garments, goggles, sun screen lotions, scarf and other heat canopies if they are planning a visit to Ludhiana in summer. And do no even think about surviving in Ludhiana in winter without the protection of heavy woolen clothes and mufflers.