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Weather In Kumarakom

Kumarakom experiences a well balanced tropical climate. The weather of this region remains pleasant and moderate all round the year. The average maximum temperature of Kumarakom is recorded to be about 32c and the average minimum temperature is reported to be 18c.

Summer sets in during the month of March when temperature raises max to the level of 38c. Even the summer days are rendered endurable by the cool fresh breeze that drifts over the evergreen landscapes of Kumarakom. The climate after the sun down is totally bearable and amicable. Mid April to June is the hottest period of the year and occasionally summer is also visited by scanty rains that increase the humidity. Summer retains its reign over Kumarakom till late June and the minimum temperature of summer in Kumarakom is reported to be around 24c.

Monsoon reaches the Kumarakom plateau in mid June or early July and extends till mid September. Yet, the hamlet does experience the sporadic drizzles till early November. The rain is chiefly brought to Kumarakom by South West Monsoon. Moderate to heavy showers drench the mesa at this time of the year. During the rainy season the temperature ranges between 25c to 20c. The average annual rainfall of Kumarakom is recorded to be nearly 1100 mm per year. Backwater cruising is completely closed during the monsoon season.

Winter extends from December to February when the climate is cold and misty. Winter days are comparatively warmer with temperature hovering around 27c while nights gets colder and chilly with temperature dropping down to 18c. Winter is the most pleasant season for the sightseeing and the backwater cruises. You must carry woolen clothes without fail when visiting Kumarakom in winter.