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What to do in Kovalam

Ayurvedic Massage : Ayurveda, one of the oldest form of science invented and developed in India, promises a cure for every disease with the help of nature. South India, being the founder of this practice, has sufficient yoga centers in Kovalam as well. These Ayurvedic salons offer a treatment of almost any disease within a feasible time period. Almost all the hotels and resorts abound in such facilities. An ayurvedic massage well delivered can leave the recipient rejuvenated, distressed and recharged with life and vigor.
Camping and Bonfire : One of the most common entertainments guaranteed by the Kovalam beach after the sun has gone down is beach bonfire and fire rings. Though originally begun by the foreign tourists, today the natives as well as the Indian travelers equally participate in such fun activities.
The cool air from the Arabian Sea in the evening is best handled by the tradition of camping in the beach with logs of wood burning. In the soft glow of the fire and the gurgling sound of the waves, the faces of the tourists light up and all that one can hear is loud yells of joy, mirth and gaiety. The smell of burning woods combines with the smell of the continental food behind the beach to offer the travelers with a feeling of being close to heaven.
Cultural Shows: Apart from its natural bounty, Kerela is also a proud owner of a rich cultural heritage. Kovalam too has many theatres where visitors can enjoy shows of the traditional dance drama of Kerela, the Kathakali and Kalarippayattu, , in traditional attire, on the beach of Kovalam, thus adding the martial art. Often, such shows are also put up by the artists to the thrill and ecstacy of the tourists.
Houseboating: Kovalam is an intricate network of estuaries, lagoons, canals and lakes of 45 rivers that drain into the Arabian Sea. This 900 km of aquatic kingdom constitutes the illustrious backwaters of Kerela. The best mode of accommodation and commutation through these maze of waterways is houseboat or Kettuvallam. Kettuvallam in mMalayalam means “ a boat that has been made by tying together pieces of woods”. Such kind of boats were originally used by the natives in the earlier days for the transportation of the local crops of coconut and rice. Today these hefty vessels have been transformed into luxury houseboats fitted with all sorts of modern amenities. A stay in such houseboats is an exotic experience that provides the opportunity of savoring the relics of the natural world in a slow motion and weave some of the most unforgettable moments of one’s life.