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Kovalam Tourism

The beach city
State : Kerala
District : Thiruvananthapuram
Climate : Summer (April-May) 20-36°, winter(Dec- Jan) 16-32°C
Rainfall : June - Aug
Altitude : 0 meters
Best Tourist Season: September to March.
Clothing recommended:Light cotton clothes.
Languages spoken : Malayalam and English.
What to buy : Rosewood and Teakwood souvenirs.
Adventure sports : Parasailing, Snorkelling, Surfing and Water skiing.
Food Specialties : Appam, Kappa, Karimeen and other mouthwatering Seafood.
What to do in Kovalam : Ayurvedic Salons and regenerating centers for tourists, camping and bonfire, cultural shows, houseboating

About Kovalam

Though the word Kovalam means a “grove of coconut trees”, Kerela, God’s own country, that houses this beautiful beach resort, has a number of other things to offer. Located at a distance of 16Kms from Trivandrum, the beach of Kovalam is a treat for the naturalists and environmentalists. The shimmering beach laced with lush green coconut palms, the eternal dancing of the waves, the azure blue sky watching with a hermit like serenity, the medley of red, orange, yellow and saffron adorning the sky each day during sunset and the shrieks of sheer bliss and mirth heard from the bonfires booming in the beach after the sun has lowered from the horizon are only some of the marvels of nature that Kovalam is adorned with. Often referred to as the “Paradise of South India”, Kovalam is the most visited beach resort of India, heavily frequented by tourists from abroad, particularly countries of Israel and those in the continent of Europe.
A fishing hamlet erstwhile, the hidden potentials of Kovalam as a kingdom was first brought into the limelight by the European guests of the royalties of Travancore in 1930s. Characterized with four crescent shaped beaches segregated by rocky outcroppings, the Kovalam beach now has something for everyone- whether it is a romantic walk by the seaside on a moonlit night for a couple in their honeymoon, a chance to snorkel the latent world under the sea for an adventure enthusiast, or an elderly couple looking forward to de-stress themselves from their busy urban lives by an ayurvdic message, Kovalam has the answer to every problem in her kitty.

Adventures in Kovalam

Parasailing Looking for a mind boggling session of pure fun, adventure and entertainment? Kovalam then is the right place for you. Parasailing, one of the premier attractions in the beach of Kovalam, is best enjoyed in the months of October to March because of the clear weather and a reasonably cool temperature. Against a backdrop of rocky shores and sapphire waters, parasailing in the beaches of Kovalam can be an experience of a lifetime. The gears available for Parasailing in Kovalam are of international standard and so is the competence of the instructors who do a thorough checking of the safety features as well as the possible obstructions like trees, live wires and so on.
Parasailing in Kovalam, like one in any other place offers a bird’s eye view of the whole region. Yet, when the sea is rough and there is a strong current, the tourists are generally advised not to venture out into parasailing.

Water Sports
Kovalam is not only the place for the enthusiasts of nature but is also a paradise for the people in love with fun, adventure and entertainment. Swimming in the deep blue sea, water surfing, skiing and kayaking are some of the water sports that Kovalam promises to its visitors. If you are an aquatic lover, you will surely have the time of your life by engaging in each of these sports.

What to buy from Kovalam

The beaches of Kovalam abound in souvenir shops. Rosewood and Teakwood statues of Kovalam are famous worldwide. Apart from these, coral handicrafts are also widely available in the beaches. Curio shops, hawkers of Kashmiri and Tibetan products and beachwear shops also serve the desire and budgets of all.

What to eat in Kovalam

The cuisine of Kerela is characterized by a few distinctive features like its emphasis on non-vegetarian delicacies and a generous use of a wide variety of spices. This makes the cuisine of Kovalam unique and distinctive from most of the culineries of India.
Some of the sought after dishes of Kerela are as follows:
  • Appam
  • It is a native form of bread made of fermented rice and dough made of coconut pulp. It tastes sweet and is generally served with meat dishes like beef, pork, chicken or stew.
  • Kappa
  • Tapioca, a heb is locally called by the name of Kappa.it is boiled with rock salt and then garnished with coconut in a grated form, onion, chillies and curry leaves to make a scrumptious meal best eaten with beef curries, spicy fish or roast.
  • Karimeen
  • Also known as the “pearl spot”, Karimeen is the most delicious freshwater fish available in Kovalam . It is generally prepared as a grilled plate with rich spices, wrapped in a banana leaf on burning coal (“Karimeen Pollichatu”), or as a fried dish or as curry with either chilly paste and aspecial kind of tamarindor with coconut milk or paste.
  • Seafood
  • Seafood like shrimp, prawn, crab, squid and the like have become the very face of Kerelian Cuisine. Such a unique blend of flavor, spice and taste is rare amongst the seafood cuisines of India.
Other continental facilities are widely available on the seaside restaurants and cafeterias.