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Weather In Kochin

Kochi being a coastal area and being located just 10 north to the Equator displays a typical tropical climate. All round the year, the climate of Kochi remains humid and moderately hot. The average temperature of a day in Kochi fluctuates between 30c and 35c, while it goes down up to 24 c during nights. Summer ranges from March to early June when the maximum temperature rises up to 38 c and it never reaches the mark of 40 c. The weather in summer is extremely humid and it makes life difficult. But mid May faces heavy rain showers and makes the summers a bit bearable. Winter extends from December to February when weather is marked with cool breezes and low humidity. The temperature at night in winter is recorded to be as low as 20 c.

Kochi experiences heavy showers combined with lightening and thunder from June to September. South West monsoon drenches the city to the fullest during that time and frequently Kochi faces road blockage problems due to over pouring waters. North West monsoon visits Kochi during October to December when the city experiences comparatively light drizzles. The average annual rain fall of Kochin is recorded to be approximately 350cm. The temperature of a monsoon day in Kochin falls between 25C and 30C.

October to April is the best season to visit Kochi when climate remains moderate and pleasant and the attraction is amplified with the celebration of various festivals both traditional and modern.