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Kanyakumari Culture

Rightly known as ‘Alexandria of the East’, Kanyakumari boasts of an opulent cultural, historical and religious legacy. Being a cosmopolitan town people following different religions reside here harmoniously. Kanyakumari, adorned for its unique geographical features, is a widely reckoned tourist destination. Myriads of visitors come to relish the taste of this nectar every year.
Vivekananda Rock Memorial, Vivekananda Kendra, The temple of Kumari Amman, The Gandhi Memorial, the enormous statue of Thiruvalluvar – a great Tamil Poet, etc are the major tourist’s attractions of the town. The littorals of Kanyakumari are flocked with public every dusk and dawn to enjoy the fascinating beauty of sunset and sunrise that leaves the beholders spell bound.
As Kanyakumari is proliferating by tourists all round the year, this town is developed concerning tourism needs. There are many posh hotels that provide the luxurious bed and delicious breakfast. The streets of Kanyakumari are clustered with sea shell shops on both the sides. You can buy Conches, Personalized Conch with your name inscribed on it, Sea Shells, Star Fish shells, Pearls, Colorful Sand Packets, Straw Hats, Hair Clips and Hair Bands made of coconut shells, Kaleidoscopes, Sea Shell Artifacts, Traditional Saris and Dress Materials and many more souvenirs from here.
Apart from the state language Tamil, other languages like Malayalam and English are also spoken here. Kanyakumari platter is featured by different varieties of South Indian Cuisine like Idly, Vada, Dosa, Appam, Sambhar etc. Lungi is the traditional dress of men and cream sari with golden border is the typical classic wear for women.
Two major festivals of Kanyakumari include the Car Festival and the Navaratri Festival. The car festival is celebrated in the month of May or June at the temple of Goddess Kumari when the Idol of Kumari Amman is carried in a procession on a chariot.